Groin hit death due to femoral vein rupture in a drug abuser


  • Dr Kaschev Shrestha
  • Bipin Poudel Patan Academy of Heath Sciences
  • DR PRADEEP GHIMIRE Patan academy of Health science
  • Dr Aastha Parajuli kathmandu University


drug abuser, femoral vein rupture, groin hit


Recreational drug use is becoming  an  imminent social and health problem throughout the world. Intravenous injection for drug misuse has been described in both the upper and lower limbs and is a major cause of millions of deaths each year; deaths are primarily due to fatal overdose and the trauma and infection caused by repeated injections. This paper presents an accidental death due to massive blood loss, which resulted from rupture to the right femoral vessel based on autopsy findings. In case of accidental injuries, a thorough medico-legal process, including death scene investigation, autopsy examination and toxicological analyses,  are  always necessary to determine the manner of death.

Author Biographies

DR PRADEEP GHIMIRE, Patan academy of Health science

Dr pradeep Ghimire is a MBBS graduate Fom KU on 2019 currently working at Patan Hospital as a Medical Officer.

Dr Aastha Parajuli, kathmandu University v9i3.52273